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Exhibition Range

Industrial Internet Exhibition Area:
Communication Network Services, Industrial Ethernet, IPC, Network Switch, Cloud Computing and Big Data, Internet Data Center Infrastructure (Server, Storage Equipment, Information System Integration), Data Analysis and Mining, Industrial Network Security Management Software;
Network Hardware Equipment Exhibition Area:
Industrial router, Industrial Ethernet switch, industrial communication card, industrial gateway, interface converter, serial server, photoelectric converter, industrial remote control transmitter and recovery device, Internet of Things data acquisition instrument, remote data monitor, programmable logic controller PLC, intelligent sensor, security controller, embedded system, data acquisition module, industrial computer, human Machine interface, industrial display, industrial motherboard, industrial chassis, industrial power supply, USP power supply, sensor and connection, industrial connector, field bus, etc.
Information Acquisition Technology Exhibition Area:
RFID sensors, RFID product lines, bar codes, measurement and testing, biometrics technology and products, core control chips and embedded chips, positioning technology, intelligent terminal products, AR/R/MR;
Digital Factory Exhibition Area:
Technology R&D and product development (CAx/MES/PLM), production and process planning (ERP), visual/modeling and simulation technology, industrial robots automation, add-on manufacturing, platform services, supply chain management;
Industrial Internet Application Exhibition Area:
Autonomous equipment, intelligent wearable (AR/VR/MR), intelligent factory, intelligent logistics, intelligent transportation, intelligent mobile, intelligent building, smart grid, intelligent water service, etc.

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